Firmware Version 3.1.0 Available

Firmware Version 3.1.0 Available

We are pleased to announce the official release of the new FDM-1T firmware version 3.1.0, which is available for download as of now.

In case you have you ever wondered about the full burning time of your flash units, now it’s the time to find out. After this upgrade, your FDM-1T will be capable of measuring exactly that period of time and display as t0.0, alias t.0.

Anyway, you may be surprised to see that after t0.1 has passed, some flash units are still emitting light for a long time – at faint intensity but clearly measurable. And this may be the reason why, even though the t0.1 duration of your flash unit seems to be sufficiently short, some of your images are showing some noticeable motion blur.

For correct installation of the upgrade, please adhere to the procedure described in the unit’s instruction manual.