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Carlo Hindian About The FDM-1T

Every photographer at one point will be asked to freeze motion.

It is at that moment, when commonly held assumptions and manufacturer’s claims are revealed to be false or greatly exaggerated.

One common belief amongst photographers is that by decreasing power output flash duration decreases. Though somewhat true many units have a minimum flash duration that can go no lower regardless of how low the power selector is set.

Some manufacturers maintain the same flash duration throughout the range of power settings to maintain consistent color temperature.

Most manufacturers commonly use the T.5 versus the T.1 measurements to skew a more favourable flash duration in their promotion of their equipment.

How do you get an honest assessment of flash duration?

Well that moment has arrived in the form of the FDM-1T meter from Konsul Instruments.

A very easy to use flash duration meter with a graphical interface giving you T.5 and T.1 measurements and the ability to save measurements to an SD card.

Finally photographers now have a tool to truly understand flash duration.

— Carlo Hindian [ Carlo Hindian Photography ]


Flash Duration of Profoto D1

Flash Duration of Profoto D1

Measurement result for a Profoto D1 studio flash unit (1000 Ws) with its shortest flash duration, in contrast to most other flash devices, at full charge.

Generated by the FDM-1T flash duration meter.

➤  Courtesy of Carlo Hindian Photography.